img_2021We substitute living in a big house in favour of location. At least that’s what I tell myself when cans of food that have been precariously shoved into the food cupboard continually fall onto my feet below or when I have to pull everything out of the cupboard to find what I actually need. The kitchen is small and the cupboards dated. Having lived in our home for 4 years now it’s fair to say that it’s something I have been known to have the odd moan/swear loudly about.

For a long time I told my husband that “if we only had a bigger fridge” it would make such a difference. So we got one. It didn’t. We just bought more food and filled it up. I still find myself playing Tetris in order to fit anything inside. And swearing.

So when my mate Kirsty told me about Tidy Cate and asked if I’d write a review for her I literally chewed her hand off.

Tidy Cate and I communicated via Facebook. Within a few days of our initial introduction she was booked to pay me a visit. I kicked my husband and kids out for the morning and was feeling excited to see what changes Cate could make to my chaotic kitchen.

Before arriving Cate sent me a great article about letting go of clutter. It was so good before she even arrived I started chucking clothes out of my wardrobe that I haven’t worn in years. I was in the mood for change, de-cluttering, getting organised.

When I opened the door to Cate she was holding 2 collapsible boxes. One for rubbish one for recycling. She took time to understand what I was unhappy with and very quickly set to work. Whilst she did the lions share she would request my input occasionally regarding what items could be chucked and which things I used frequently. She was non-judgmental as I apologised for the fact we had 4 of everything or how unhealthy some of the contents of our cupboard were. All she wanted to know was what we used and how frequently.

After she had finished sorting each cupboard she showed it to me and explained why she had made the changes. What at first seemed illogical suddenly became the most obvious way to organise cupboards ever. I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of that before I said. ON REPEAT!

After about 3 hours of work cate had re-organised my chaotic kitchen into an organised, logical space. My husband is a creature of habit so did make a comment that he couldn’t find anything anymore but that was expected. Some of the drawers and cupboards at children level are not quite in the order Cate arranged however I appreciate that ‘this too shall pass’. One day my children will not feel the need to pull everything out of any drawers and cupboards within their reach and my husband will learn the new system in no time. I do now have is a clear understanding of a much more efficient way to organise cupboards.  And I do so love where I live.


About Cate AKA Little Ms Tidy

cate.jpgCate is originally from Germany but has lived in Australia for 14 years. Having worked for many years pre-children in banking she is naturally an organised and detail focussed individual. Setting up this business was not something she took lightly, she studied (I know, I didn’t realise there were courses like this either might have saved me years of ranting had I known). Once she completed the course she became a fully-fledged professional organiser.

Cate charges $40 p/h however the first hour is free if you sign up to her newsletter

She can re-organise/declutter any part of your home. I chose the kitchen as it has been my biggest cause of swearing.

To read more about Cate and the services she provides please visit her website: http://www.littlemstidy.com.au

A note from me – I am not affiliated to Little Ms Tidy in any way. She provided her services with me for free in exchange for my review