How My Baby’s Reflux Made Me Rethink My Dummy Hate





Two days a week, whilst my 3 year old is at kindergarten, I have the pleasure of spending time alone with my 18 month old daughter. Yesterday was one of these days. As we walked hand in hand, along the path by the beach that I go to most days with one or both of the girls, I found myself aware that this IMG_4970familiar daily existence, could be nearing an end.
I have been merrily, tearily and, more often than not, blearily, muddling my way through my motherhood bubble for the best part of 3 years. With no job held open for me after my second daughter was born 18 months ago, I haven’t felt the pressure to make a decision regarding returning to paid work – until now. I can’t be a stay-at-home mum forever. At some point my youngest will benefit from further interaction and stimulation at kindergarten as her sister has done and if our little family is complete (something I still struggle to be absolute on), I need to find something to stimulate me and of course bring in some dollars!

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