My Child

I carried you for 9 whole months, anxious full of hope.

When I felt you move around inside, my excitement hard to cope.

Upon meeting you my heart did burst, such a joy to see.

You made me cry a happy song, the world you mean to me.

Those first few months I held you close, you nursed and cried and slept.

My love for you so deep and strong, a secret I had kept.

I want to keep you safe from harm, forever and a day.

I know I need to let you grow without me getting in your way.

As you grow older and need me less it will not change for me,

Just how much I’ll always care – for you I’ll always be.

I hope one day when you have flown, the nest in which you grew

You always think of me with love, a friendship strong and true .

My child I’ll always love you so, for all the years to come

No matter what you say or do, I’ll always be your mum!

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My Very Lovely Mum

How can I explain to you, just how great you are?
You’ve always been a friend to me, no matter near or far.
My lovely mum you brought me up, to say my ps and qs.
I hope I make you proud of me, no other mum I’d choose.
Will you ever truly know, how much you mean to me?
The special bond between us, so clear for all to see.
Throughout my childhood years, you listened to my woes
Even though my mischief often kept you on your toes.
I need for you to know, how much I love you mum.
You’ve always made the time, to listen when I’m glum.
Such loyalty you show me, when someone lets me down.
Your ranting makes me laugh so much, you really go to town.
“I never liked them anyway”
You suddenly say to me
“They don’t deserve your time or love”
Devoted as can be!
Whilst I am older now, you may think I need you less
You’re still the one I turn to if I’m in an awful mess.
I know that you won’t judge me, for anything I say
You listen and are there for me, whatever time of day.
Thank you my lovely mum, for all the years you’ve cared.
So much special time together, such memories we’ve shared.
Here’s to many more of them, for lots of years to come
I love you oh so very much, my very lovely mum!

Aussie Version of Let it Snow!

Oh, the weather outside’s delightful

Staying inside would really be frightful

And since we’re all feeling fine

The sun shines. Let it shine! Let it shine!


Everyone’s heading off down to the ocean

Don’t forget to apply lots of sun lotion

Don’t worry I have got plenty of wine

The sun shines. let it shine let it shine


When we finally get to the beach

Barbies lit, time to swim in the sea

Times are certainly good, lifes a peach

Sunnies on, so so happy are we


As Christmas day draws to an ending

Such a happy time we have had spending

The whole day with this family of mine.

The sun shines, let it shine let it shine!




Don’t Be Afraid, My Lovely Sister


What words exist to comfort you for what you have just lost?

Time will heal, this is true, but no one knows the cost.

Don’t be afraid to scream and shout, whilst stamping both your feet.

About the baby who breathes no more, you never got to meet.

I wish so much, I was there with you to hug you, oh so tight.

I want to whisper in your ear, that all will be alright.

The distance we have between us, has never felt so far.

You’ve always been a rock to me, my friend and shining star.

I know that you are blessed with a great husband and 3 gorgeous boys,

They make you laugh and make you mad, when you stumble on their toys.

But knowing this doesn’t take away, the sadness you may feel.

Don’t be afraid to let it out, sharing will be the best way to heal.

I love you more than words can say, I’m feeling for you so much.

Please don’t be afraid to call me often, we need to stay in touch.

The emotions you may now feel could be up and down, who knows?

You’re brave and strong and really tough, that will pull you through the lows.

These words I write for you alone, they can’t express enough

How sorry I am to hear your news, and know you’re having it so tough.

Please don’t be afraid to moan and swear, a right you surely own

When you have lost some part of you, a spirit that has flown.


Hold your loved ones close always

Hold your loved ones close always,

for we are living in a crazy time.

So much evil and unnecessary pain,

all this hostility such a terrible crime.

Hold your loved ones close always,

for there is so much sadness around.

I can’t believe the hate that exists,

we must hope to stay safe and sound.

Hold your loved ones close always,

for there is such suffering everywhere.

We’ve been blessed with this precious life,

people hurting so much just is not fair.

Hold your loved ones close each day,

for so many people are feeling afraid.

In this world that we have all been given,

we must believe that peace can be made.


Thinking especially of those suffering in Paris and Beirut.

Lucky to have you – Thank You Daddy For All That You Do

Fathers Day


Thank you Daddy for all that you do.

We know that we are monkeys and play up to you a lot,

yet you often change our nappies and continually wipe our snot.

Thank you Daddy for all that you do.


Thank you Daddy for all that you do.

When we are sad or screaming, you sometimes can’t see why

but you laugh at us when we are silly and cuddle us when we cry.

Thank you Daddy for all that you do.


Thank you Daddy for all that you do.

Even though we don’t sleep so well and often wake you early,

you play with us in our pink tent which could be seen as girlie.

Thank you Daddy for all that you do.


Thank you Daddy for all that you do.

We have been known to make some mess and often cause you worry,

but we know you know we love you and really are quite sorry.

Thank you Daddy for all that you do.


Thank you Daddy for all that you do.

Sometimes in our excitement, we hurt your face or feet

it’s testament to how happy we are, no other Daddy could beat.

Thank you Daddy for all that you do.

Thank you Daddy, for all that you do

We thoroughly adore you!


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