As a young girl I wanted to be everybody’s friend. Now I’m 37 I’ve accepted that life doesn’t work like that. There are some people you just don’t connect with, there are those you may not like no matter how hard you try and there are some who won’t like you. At some point you may find out they have been saying things about you behind your back. The tears I’ve cried over ‘friends’ like that! If I could say anything to my younger self it would have been “Trust your instinct. Don’t waste time worrying about the ones who’ve let you down. Focus on the amazing friends you have been blessed with” And I have certainly been blessed with quite a few of these gorgeous people. One of them is celebrating her birthday today in England. I wrote these words for her:

I have heard so many words when talking of true friends

Caring, kind, full of love and loyal ’til the end

And you to me are all of those, each and every one

Yet there’s so much that they do miss, like a sky without a sun

The light and sparkle you shine on me, by knowing that you’re there

The love you show so endlessly is never hard to bear

You always want the best for me, so proud when I do well

Occasionally we disagree, but never do we dwell

If I am sad, angry or mad you listen and won’t  judge

But you tell me if you think I’m wrong – a persuasive gentle nudge

If I am happy, you cry for me – tears filled with ecstasy

Because you’ve been with me through it all, no need for empathy

So this is my way of saying to you, you’re more than just a friend

You’re the icing on my cupcake, mate and I’ll love you til the end!







To My Husband


You’ve seen me at my best,

You’ve seen me at my worst,

You’ve seen me when I’m sad

And it’s you I turn to first.

You’ve seen me when I’m full of fun,

You’ve seen me when I’m snappy,

You’ve seen me get frustrated

When I couldn’t change a nappy.

You’ve seen me when I’m grumpy,

You’ve seen me when I’m sorry,

You’ve seen me stressed when I am late

And told me not to worry.

You’ve seen me feeling tired,

You’ve seen me get quite drunk,

You’ve seen me in the mornings

When my eyes are full of gunk.

You’ve seen me feeling low,

You’ve seen me giving birth,

You’ve seen me be a lot of things,

I wonder how it is on earth –

That when you’ve seen so much of me

You still want to see more?

You see I know, I’ve seen you too

And love you even when you snore!





A is for amazement at what your body has done

Creating and baking such a beautiful bun

Whether Bottle or Breast, feeding your baby

Offers precious moments to share, to rush would be crazy.

C is for crying tears, both theirs and your own

This mum gig is tough and at times you will moan.

A Dummy is something you may choose to use

They have magical powers to help babies to soothe.

The Ergo 360 is the modern day sling

Providing comfort and freedom only a carrier can bring.

F is for Fun, there is to be so much ahead

Cuddles and giggles in your once slept in bed.

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