About Me

British Mum of 2 beautifully bonkers and brilliant girls with 18 months between them, born in 2013 and 2014 respectively.  Wife to born and bred Mancunian, footy mad, day dreamer and wonderfully doting Daddy. Usually found covered in snot, sick and food with pram, children and wine attached. Trading in Greg’s pasties and Manchester rain for ‘snags’ and Sydney sunshine in 2011.

A regular contributor for mamalode, Parent Talk Australia,  The Babyspot and Huffington Post. Also featured on Kidspot, Parent.co, Expat Focus, Expat.com and Mouths of Mums.

I have never lived in one place very long. Even growing up my parents moved around all over the UK. I have lived in Gloucestershire, Somerset, The Lake District, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Durham, Hereford, Glossop, Manchester and am now parked up in the Eastern Suburbs of sunny Sydney, Australia (which is becoming a serious contender for one of the longest places I have ever lived).

At the grand old age of 18 I was convinced I’d met my soul mate. At the age of 26, with a huge dent in my heart and my pride, I was forced to realise that I was wrong. And so began the real journey of healing, self-discovery, partying and dating.

At 27, after the death of my father I made the move from Hereford back ‘up North’ to moody (as in the weather) and marvellous (as in the people), Manchester.

I embarked on some fun and interesting times, met some great people (and some horrors particularly during my brief dip into the world of online dating) always hoping I’d have the fairy tale ending someday. Then along came my very own Prince Charming. He is the one responsible for whisking me off to Australia. We are now citizens and our family unit has doubled.

Life couldn’t be more perfect…..Well almost!

Nothing prepared me for just how hard being a mum would be at times. Of course there are hundreds and thousands of amazing moments, the love I feel and the laughs I suffer at the hands of my pack would beat any drug. However, it’s also  challenging, exhausting and frustrating at times.

Whilst out pushing the pram I often find myself frantically writing in my head about the trials and tribulations that have taken place that day. Sometimes it’s not even 9am and there are already so many. This is what has led me to blog….if I don’t vent this stuff, my head will burst. I think it’s important to be honest about my experience of motherhood which is why this blog contains…the good, the bad and the hideously ugly.

© LucysLifesLessons.

3 thoughts on “About Me

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