I must confess that pre-kids I swore I wouldn’t allow my children too much (if any) screen time. As soon as my eldest hit 2 this went out of the window. There are so many shows on the television that she loves, they are educational and fun and also mean I get a few minutes to do some chores or go to the toilet without a child hanging off me.

There are certain times of the day that I let my two girls watch television and I always control exactly what they watch. I’m not sure when the iPad was introduced but I guess it was when she was about 3. I limit her time on this too, it’s usually only for 20 minutes in the morning when she wakes up – this is because she is an early riser and stops her waking her sister!

When Kidloland approached me to review their app I was dubious. I am trying to limit her screen time not encourage it. That said I was keen to see if there was an app available that would offer a fun, interactive and educational option instead of just children’s programmes.

We received a link for one year’s subscription which was offered to me free in exchange for my review (it’s usually $62.99). It was easy to follow and downloaded relatively quickly. The app teaches children under 5 years of age ABC’s, animals, fruits, vegetables, phonics, shapes and more with the help of 700+  nursery rhymes, songs, stories and educational activities.

img_2374The graphics are bright and colourful. My daughter engaged with them well as she sang along to the songs and we worked through numbers, phonics and calendar months together. I also received a link for the printable pdf’s which is a colouring book you can create with your child and print out. As Christmas is coming up we made a Christmas one together. It was a great activity to do together and I think she will enjoy colouring it in all the more as she was the one who designed it.

The app is a fun, interactive and educational way to occupy and entertain your child when you need a minute to yourself. However, it also provides you with activities to do together – which my daughter particularly enjoyed whilst her sister was having her daytime sleep.

To download the app yourself please click on one of the following links below or visit the Kidloland website (www.kidloland.com.au).

 A note from me. I was not paid for writing this review. I received a 12 month subscription as a gift in exchange for my review.


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