You’re damned if you do and your damned if you don’t.

From the moment they’re born the guilt takes hold.

C-section, breastfeeding, bottle feeding whichever,

No matter what, you feel you could have done better.

When they misbehave you’re told not to shout,

But if you’re too forgiving they mess you about.

Then if you lose it you feel ever so bad –

How could you get angry, grumpy and mad?

With a child, your baby, you terrible mother,

Comparing yourself to all of the others.

The calm ones, the perfect ones, they just get it right,

Yet you’re barely surviving and up half the night.

No sweet stuff, organic, homemade food they bake,

Whilst you feed them chips and lollies and cake.

If you stay home you wish you could bring in some cash,

But if you send them to kindy, you feel bad when you dash.

Leaving them sobbing as you wave them goodbye,

As you rush off to work with a tear in your eye.

Covered in snot, running late and so tired

Hoping nobody notices so you won’t get yourself fired.

Spending the day busy proving your worth,

Whatever they need you’ll move heaven and earth.

Yet when it’s time to go you rush out the door,

Feeling bad to leave early – wish you could have done more.

But pick up time is near and you don’t want to be late,

Your child left waiting alone at the gate.

Their faces light up when they see you arrive,

It seems they had fun – why’s that such a surprise?

Reunited, excited you’ve missed them a lot –

Can’t believe you were busy and nearly forgot.

Until they start to play up, you shout and get cross.

You’re tired and grumpy almost at a loss.

Is it bedtime yet? You find yourself think,

As you look for the wine bottle and pour a big drink.


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