This morning was the first day of spring, the day began (early as usual) but full of birdsong and promise and 1 hour later, the sun was shining.  Having recently started a job in the city 2 days a week, I was looking forward to spending a fun morning with my girls – the beach was calling and we had a playdate with new friends (Anna of Mummymuckups). FUN, FUN, FUN!

5.00am – 2 year old wakes up (This is amazing for her who normally is up 4000 times through the night. *hence day full of promise. I take her to snooze on the sofa bed in the lounge)

5.20am 3 year old wakes up.

3YO “I want hot milk”

ME “it’s too early – you can have hot milk at 6”

5.21am  “I want hot milk” younger sister chips in “I want hot milk” *SURROUND SOUND.”I WANT HOT MILK”

522am BOTH “I want hot milk”, “I want hot milk”

5.23am BOTH “I want hot milk”, “I want hot milk”


5.25am TV goes on. 13 minutes peace and quiet. They forget about hot milk.

5.36am 3YO “Mummy – please may I have hot milk?”

ME “Well done for asking politely however it’s still too early sweetheart. At 6am I will make you hot milk”

3YO “I WANT HOT MILK”, younger sister copies “I WANT HOT MILK”

5.37AM “I want hot milk”, “I want hot milk” *CRIES

5.38AM  “I want hot milk”, “I want hot milk” *CRIES

ME  (How long can I stretch this out for? They need to learn 5am is too early to start the day in most people’s worlds. Me now losing the will to live… ….need to be strong. 22 minutes to go. Don’t break).

5.39am 3 YO “I want hot milk”, “I want hot milk”

5.40am  3 YO “You’re not my best friend anymore”

5.41am *sobs

5.42am *louder sobbing

5.43 am Daddy walks into room.

5.44am “Mummy’s not being my best friend ANYMORE”

Daddy looks at me.

5.45am ME “They can’t have hot milk until 6am – new rule) *warning glance to husband –disagree with me at your peril!

5.46am crying continues

6.00am I go to warm the milk remembering my mums words “you’re making a rod for your own back warming her milk you know”. Two and a half years later I agree – she was right. Bloody hot milk!

6.05am ME “you can have this hot milk if you say sorry for shouting at me”

6.06am screaming and crying stops replaced by shoulder shrugs and hiding under nearest table.

6.15am 3 YO “MY MILKS COLD”

So you see the signs were already very clear that the day was not exactly off to a great start. I’d like to say this start to the day is unusual – but that would be a lie.

After 3 rounds of breakfast, 400 requests by me for the girls to get dressed and brush their teeth, various fights I had to break up, 3 different pairs of shoes, I want socks because she’s wearing socks, and the house now looking as though we had been burgled – we finally made it out at 9.08am.

9.10am 3YO  “I want to walk”

ME “No because your sister will want to walk to and it’s quite a long way and I can’t have both of you walking and the pram”

3YO “You’re not being my best friend”

Me “Well you’re not being my best friend either”

3YO “Well you aren’t my best friend EVER again and I’m telling Daddy”

Me “Fine, tell Daddy” (aware I’m behaving like a 3 year old now)

10 minutes or crying, feet stamping and no progress.

3YO “I want to bring my scooter”

ME “No not today”

3YO “I want to bring my balance bike”

ME “No not today”

3 YO “I want to bring my ball”

ME “Yes ok, fine. Bring your ball”

3 YO FLASHES A HUGE ‘I’VE WON’ SMILE – gets in pram.

9.20am set off walking

9.21am 3YO “I’m hungry”

ME “Ok – here’s your packed lunch”

3 YO “No I want the cupcakes in your bag”

How did she see me sneak those in my bag?

ME “Eat your lunch first then you can have a cake”

3 YO “I want a cake”


I give in.


9.25am  3 YO “OW, she’s pulling my hair”

ME “Stop pulling your sister’s hair”

2 YO Laughs. Continues pulling hair.

3 YO “Ow, she’s pulling my hair mummy”

ME “Will you both just stop being mean to each other? I’ve had enough today”

2 YO *SINGS “Mummy’s had enough, mummy’s had enough, mummy’s had enough”

9.28 Passer by walks by and smiles. Wonder why they are smiling.

9.29am 3YO “I’m hungry”

Get packed lunch out again.

3YO opens it, looks inside – disappointed.

3YO “I want something else”

ME “Well I haven’t got anything else. Can we just get there now?”

3 YO “I want to walk on the wall”

ME “No because then your sister will want to do the same and I can’t manage both of you on my own”

Ignores me, climbs out of pram runs to wall.

2 YO “I wanna get out, I wanna get out”

ME “Of course you do. Fine”

Leave pram on pavement. Hold youngest’s hand. She is smiling. I smile back. Her sister is smiling. I smile back. They have the ability to do that to you, one smile and all is forgiven.

Run back to collect the pram. Oldest is climbing higher wall and youngest wants to follow.

ME “NO, you can’t climb that one”

3 YO “Daddy lets me do it”

ME “It’s too big when I’m on my own”

3 YO Stamps feet “But my Daddy lets me do it”

ME ‘’I don’t care, it’s too high now when I’m on my own’’

3 YO “You’re not my friend anymore””. Sits on floor.

9.58 arrive at destination.

Meet friend. My children don’t want to leave my side and not long after taking everything out of the pram 3 yo climbs back into the pram.

3 YO “I wanna go home”.

Manage to convince her to stay a little longer. Getting close to sleep time. Time to go. They are playing with my friend’s children now. But I need to get them back before they fall asleep in the pram so I get a break.

Walk home is much the same except 2 year old refuses to have her straps on in the pram and half way home falls out of pram. I only realise when I run her over.

I feel terrible. How could I let her in the pram without straps on? Try to put straps on her. Remember why I didn’t put straps on her in the first place. We fight. Finally, I win. She screams the rest of the way home. At least 3 YO is sitting in pram quietly. Oh no – she’s falling asleep. Please don’t fall asleep in pram. I NEED YOU BOTH TO SLEEP AT HOME.

12.10pm arrive home. Spend 5 minutes trying to unlock the door with the wrong key.

12.15pm WE’RE IN. 

12.30pm both children asleep.






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