My Love of Candles (and I’m not talking about the ones on birthday cakes) – Burnt Beech Review Plus 10% Discount

My love of candles 

When I was growing up I remember if my Mum used anything remotely scented in the house my dad would lose it. And quite honestly who can blame him, in those days it was all about dusty bowls of Pot Pourri and abysmal artificial aerosols or foul-smelling imitation air fresheners.

Since I moved out of home and B.K (before kids) I loved using scented candles. I like the ambient lighting candles offer as well as (if you get it right) the delicious smell. Unfortunately, like in the days of Pot Pourri and aerosol air fresheners there are still some terrible smelling and poor quality ones out there.

When the opportunity arose for me to write a review for Burnt Beech candles I was delighted. For the last few years the only candles I’ve enjoyed have been the type to go on birthday cakes. Now my girls are a little older and go to bed at a reasonable (ish) time (subject to change at any moment),  I’m getting a little me time back and I’m looking forward to allowing some relaxation and luxury back into my life.

So what do I want from a scented candle?

  • Looks good in the home and quality (especially if buying as a gift)
  • The wick doesn’t burn down too quickly so you are left with a load of candle and no way to burn it.
  • Smells natural, not overpowering or artificial and even better leaves a scent even when unlit
  • A fair and reasonable price

Cara Bourn (the owner) delivered the candles when we were out. They arrived in a simple brown paper bag with a pink, grey and white logo sticker which stood out and brightened up the bag.  Inside the bag 3 candles were wrapped in pink tissue paper. She included a Thank you card and some background on the company. I could tell that she takes a great deal of pride in her business.

The three candles I reviewed were:

  • Beachside Boardwalk
  • Spicy Chai
  • Pineapple Sangria – Travel Tin

Beachside Boardwalk

Beachside White

Appearance: The white glass jar with the Burnt Beech grey and pink logo makes it appear both luxurious and calming. The design is subtle and would look good in any setting. Once you take the lid off I was pleased to see that it was full of candle and not half empty.

Wick: The wooden wick burns well and is easy to re-light

Ambiance: it gave off a strong, warm glow

Smell: This candle has quite a sweet scent. It is not offensive but was probably my least favourite of the three I sampled. It also left the most noticeable smell in the room of the three candles when unlit.

Price: $29.99

Pineapple Sangria (Travel Tin)

Appearance: Despite being a tin rather than glass it still looked good quality.  The contrast of the pink and grey logo on the black tin stands out but the logo design is simple so no ‘in your face’.Tin

Wick: The wooden wick burns well and is easy to re-light

Ambiance: it gave off a strong, warm glow

Smell: The smell is delicious, so nice you want to eat it! Even my husband commented on how nice it was.

Price: $17.99

Spicy Chai

Appearance: I love the black glass jar. It looks sexy, romantic and luxurious all at the same time.Spicy Chai Black

Wick: The wooden wick burns well and is easy to re-light

Ambiance: It gave off a strong, warm glow

Smell – when I smelt it in the jar I wasn’t actually too keen and thought it would be my least favourite of the three. However, when it was lit the spicy scent is so subtle and warming, I really enjoyed it.

Price – $29.99

A little more about Burnt Beech

The Burnt Beech candle range is inspired by exotic things. Each candle is carefully hand poured with pure eco soy wax, which burns cleaner, is long-lasting and biodegradable. The beech wooden wick burns with a crackling sound to replicate the ambiance and warmth of a camp fire and the exotic aromas have been selected to remind you of faraway places.

For more information or to place an order visit their website or social media pages:



Enter the special discount code ‘blog10’ to receive 10% off your order valid until 30th September 2016 (shipping is only within Australia)


 A note from me:

I met Cara through a friend. She gifted me the three candles and I received no payment for writing this review.

All website orders receive free gift wrapping. Candles will be put into a black brand box with a window, and then wrapped with brown Kraft paper and finished with a pink bow (as below).



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