Sinchies – Reusable Pouches Review

My 2 girls (ages 2 and 3) can’t get enough of yoghurt squeezie pouches. Whilst I’m the first to admit I find them convenient, there are a few things that bug me about them.

  • The organic or healthier yoghurts are often double the price of their unhealthy sugar laden competitors.
  • With 2 children getting through at least one a day each, I have been concerned about the environmental impact of so much packaging being wasted

Therefore when I was offered the opportunity to review Sinchies reusable pouches (which can be used for anything not just yoghurt btw), I was keen to see how they stacked up.

The main points I wanted to consider in my review were:

  • How easy and practical are they to use, clean and dry?
  • How secure are they especially when in the hands of curious and heavy-handed toddlers?
  • How safe are they?
  • How expensive are they/ what are the cost savings?
  • How durable are they? How many times can they be re-used without them being worn down?
  • How appealing are they?
  • What are the environmentally benefits?

I was sent a selection of 140ml pouches, 80ml pouches, a 1 litre pouch, reusable sandwich bags, wrap bags, snack pouches and a cleaning brush to use for my review.

Ease and Practicality


When the products arrived there were no instructions. I didn’t realise that they opened up at the bottom to enable them to stand easier for filling. I struggled to hold them and push the yoghurt down far enough into the pouch without it making a mess at the top and over the sides. Whilst I was busily filling the pouches the thought occurred to me that some kind of funnel would prevent this issue. Later when I looked on the website I saw they had included a helpful video to show you exactly how to use the products as well as offering a funnel on their product list (note to self – always check the website just in case I’m being thick). They also suggest using the 1 Litre pouch to fill the smaller pouches. I’m not keen on doubling washing up by using an extra pouch so personally would opt for purchasing a funnel. The sandwich, wrap and snack pouches were all straightforward to fill.




The brush I was sent with the smaller attachment is perfect for cleaning and getting into the corners and the double ziplock. The clear packaging enables you to see inside to ensure all food debris is gone. I found them fiddly to clean properly so you do have to have a bit of patience. They are also dishwasher safe. They did take quite a few hours to dry out thoroughly.



When I handed the reusable pouches to the girls I wondered if they would understand the spout being on the side rather than at the top but it seems they are more intelligent than I am as they had sucked out all the contents within seconds.  The sandwich, snack and wrap bags I found straightforward to use.


My girls love anything that looks like it can be opened, I was concerned how secure the double ziplock would be in case they were able to open it and squirt the contents everywhere. I was pleased to see the double ziplock is strong and robust (much stronger than standard sandwich bags). I do wonder how long it stays in that condition as I have only trialled the products over a matter of days. Presumably they do have a shelf-life when the lock becomes less sturdy and perhaps then they need to be thrown out).


I once had a notion of beautiful picnics down by the beach with my two girls. Wrong! They sometimes devour the contents before we’ve even left the house and almost always en-route to our destination. I needed to be confident that whatever I give them if I’m driving, pushing them in the pram or walking with them will be safe. I was initially concerned at the size of the lids on the pouches but noted that you can purchase larger safe ones on their website which I would certainly advise for children under age 2 with their propensity to put everything in their mouths. I didn’t have any concerns over safety with the sandwich and snack bags. All the pouches are made free from BPA, Phthalates and PVC.


Cost was an important factor for me. Weighing up the ease and convenience of ready filled shop bought pouches with time spent filling your own. I’m not entirely sure how many times you can reuse the pouches before the strong zip lock deteriorates or the material gets/looks worn.

5 x 140ml fun pouches $12 – for me personally as long as I got a minimum of 4 uses out of each pouch I would be better off financially. In one week I used the pouches 5 times and they are still in good shape.

The sandwich bags ($11 for 5), wrap bags ($19 for 10) and snack pouches ($8 for 5) also seem reasonable in cost given their ease to clean, reuseable ability and strength of material. This is on the assumption each one can be re-used a minimum of 12 times which I believe they could be.


This is a point I’m unable to comment on as I only trialled the products over a period of days. I would like to know how durable they are as although the material appears strong and tough and the double ziplock’s tight and secure, I’m sure there will come a point they will look worn, leak and perhaps the double ziplock won’t fasten.


The girls loved the colourful fruit designs on the fun pouches. The other packaging is  plain and simple but the fact that it is clear enables you to see the contents and ensure the pouches and bags are thoroughly cleaned after use.

Environmentally friendly

There is no doubt that reusable pouches and sandwich bags are better for the environment. I make packed lunches for my girls almost every day, that’s a lot of plastic wrapping and packaging that is getting thrown away. Knowing that we are creating less waste by using Sinchies was a big plus for me.


Overall I like the concept of Sinchies reusable pouches and sandwich bags from a cost saving and environmental perspective. As I didn’t have the funnel for easy filling I did find them a little messy to fill and I would like to try them with the funnel to see if that eliminates that issue. They do require a little more time and effort than the convenience of shop bought ready filled pouches. However, weighing that up with the benefits in terms of cost savings, environmental benefits and having control over the contents and therefore what my girls are eating – I vote in favour of Sinchies.

The Sinchies website has lots of useful product information and recipes as well as more information on its full product range.

You can also order online: Website:

 After writing this review Sinchies advised me that I should have received a flyer ( as below) with instructions in my parcel. Apparently this is usually included with all orders.


A note from me:

I was gifted a few Sinchies products in return for writing this review. I received no payment.




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