There Once Was a Little Girl Who Had…A LOT of Knotty but Potentially Very Beautiful Curly Hair

With a 3 and a half year old who has long curly locks and her younger sister looking like she will be following suit,  I have been searching for natural products that would make all of our lives  less painful at hair wash and comb time. The only way it ever happens currently is infrequently, with bribes of lollies, ice-cream and the iPad whilst she sits on my lap and lets out occasional grunts and screams.

The key things for me in such a product are:

  • Not too expensive
  • Free from too many nasty chemicals
  • Smells nice
  • Aids and improves the nightmare detangling process which can take up to an hour
  • Makes their hair look gorgeous

Not too much to ask is it?

When I was given the opportunity to review some of the curl care product range I was intrigued and excited to see if they could deliver on these needs.

The box arrived containing a starter pack which consisted of 5 bottles in varying sizes and 2 curl care wraps. Inside was a letter and an A5 step by step instruction guide.

curl care
Starter Pack

I’m not too concerned about how products look in my bathroom however the white bottles with the simple logo and soft coloured labels are easy on the eye and appealing. They look like quality products and certainly not offensive.

The curl care promise according to the instruction card: No Sulphates (SLS or SLES), silicones, petrochemicals, synthetic colours or parabens was also appealing to me. I’m not too sure what all of those words mean but I don’t like the sound of them or any other chemicals on my young children’s scalps. Whilst they don’t claim to be 100% organic, every single one of their products is free of the chemicals mentioned above and natural so that was a big tick for me.

Neither of my girls are particularly keen on having their hair washed (no surprises there I’m sure). So I let them play with the bottles and tried to get them excited and involved in ‘the experiment’.

I followed the directions and order carefully on the card.

Pre-Treatment Clarifying Cleanser $7 – I opted not to use this on their hair as it described how it was for removing impurities and build up from styling products (thankfully at their tender ages we aren’t quite there yet).

Conditioning Cleanser $23 – I applied a small amount to my eldest daughter’s hair and massaged it in. The first thing that hit me was how yummy it smelt. It reminded me of a Thai curry with the strong waft of coconut.  I then rinsed it though. (I make this sound a little easier than the reality but that is no fault of the product more my daughter’s aversion to having anything on or near her head…there should definitely be some screams inserted here).

Moisturising Rinse $23 – I applied a generous amount as per the instructions and left it in her hair for about 3 minutes then rinsed it.

By this point my 2 year old was already climbing out of the bath and I could sense the 3 year old was about to follow. Again, no fault of the product just standard bath time fun.

Hydrating Mousse $18– It didn’t say on the card if this was to be used on wet and/or dry hair. I decided to save this product to try another time as my 3 year old was beginning to get stroppy and I knew I still needed to comb her hair which is usually a mission. I also felt the Conditioning Oil which was the final product was probably more useful for her needs.

I used one of the curl care caps to scrunch out the water. She’s never liked me trying to dry her hair with a towel so I had to be quick before she legged it out of the bathroom.

Conditioning Oil $15 – I applied (what I thought was a small amount) to her wet hair…literally as she was running away from me!

I have always used a tangle teezer to comb her hair. Usually by day 2 after a hair wash her beautiful curly locks are back to looking messy and dreadlocked. I suspect that it was the conditioning oil that really assisted me with a much quicker and less painful combing session. It probably took me half the usual time to comb through her hair. I was feeling excited to see how it would look when it was dry as it smelt delicious.

The following day, whilst her hair smelt lovely I was disappointed – it looked greasy. I contacted curl care to explain this. They immediately replied suggesting I call them so that they could provide me with further advice and support. I decided to try again myself first as I wondered whether perhaps I had been a little too generous with the amount of conditioning oil I used in a desperate attempt to make the detangling process easier and less painful.

I repeated all the steps I had previously done a few days later and only used a miniscule amount of the conditioning oil.

The combing and detangling process was still easier than it had been before and when her hair dried that evening it looked healthy, shiny and soft. It’s now been 5 days since I washed her hair and what has really struck me is how lovely it still looks now. I do plan to try the mousse on her if she will let me so I will report back when I have done so.


My overall view of the curl care range is:

  • I will use the conditioning cleanser and the moisturising rinse regularly for my 2 girls.
  • I love the fact they look and smell great and are chemical free with only natural products.
  • I will continue to use the Conditioning Oil but only a very tiny amount as what I considered to be a small amount was too much for their delicate hair and made it greasy.
  • With regards price I think they are certainly around the same price as other natural hair products I have bought previously. The starter pack includes the 2 hair wraps so is $3 more than if you buy all the products individually. I think it would be a better idea to have a starter pack around the $40 mark that offers miniature bottles for people to trial first. I also would like to see the conditioning cleanser and moisturising rinse offered as a duo for less money. Perhaps $40 for 2?
  • Whilst I would like to try the mousse and love the idea of leaving the oil on their hair and wrapping them up in the caps whilst they soak in and work some magic – the reality is that at the age my girls are now….this is perhaps a little too much to ask of them.

Please Note: I was gifted the starter pack however I have received no payment for writing this review and have had no previous dealings with Belinda or curl care

A Bit of Background

Belinda O Flynn is the Director of curl care and guess what she and her 3 children all have curly hair. She therefore truly understands the frustrations of having frizzy, tangled curls. She teamed up with a certified organic manufacturer to produce a natural product range that could truly care for curly hair and help combat frizz and dreadlocks as well as look and smell lovely.

Belinda Curlcare
Belinda O Flynn – Director

To learn more about Belinda and the curl care product range please visit:




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