For The Love Of Shortbread

As a shortbread lover I couldn’t help but notice the Bonniebix van arrive in our street a few months ago. One day I started chatting to owner and warmed to her immediately. Cara is bubbly, friendly and honest. She explained how the market stall she was meant to be attending had fallen through and she had rather a lot of cookies that needed shifting.  She offered to give me some to review on my blog and distribute as I wished. I was attending Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea with a few mummy bloggers and some friends a few days later so we arranged for me to take some along for them to sample. Some people donated money in exchange for the cookies which meant a little more money in the charity pot thanks to the cookies.

I suddenly felt concerned. What if they look good but taste grim (as is so often the case with novelty confectionary and cakes)? Many times I’ve attended functions or birthday parties and been impressed with the look of the cake for example only to be disappointed that the contents are dry and tasteless. I’m probably in the middle when it comes to how healthy my children are, I certainly don’t encourage them to eat too many sugary cakes and cookies however for  parties and occasional treats I’m ok with it.

We communicated via Facebook for a couple of days. She was quick to respond and professional.

I needed her to be at my house by 9am with the cookies. She arrived on time with 2 boxes of cookies.

The cookies were all individually packaged and presented in order of theme ranging from Frozen, Peppa Pig, Spiderman, Harry Potter and Star Wars.

So far so good.

My 2 girls immediately started to pull the cookies out of the box both taking dibs on the Frozen ones.

They all looked great. One side was moulded into the shape of the particular character it represented with the underneath covered in hundreds and thousands and a few M & M’s. They didn’t look too scary in terms of children going sugar crazy!

The girls were keen to tuck into them and quite honestly who better to sample them than the children they are intended for? I opened their packets up and pulled out the Anna and Elsa shaped cookies. My youngest took a bite and smiled, not too particular about how she eats as long as it goes in. The eldest (3 year old) preferred to bite the shortbread off around the M & M and then save the M & M for the end. The only issue with this approach was the blue hands she had after holding onto the M & M for such a long time. Seeing as they were enjoying them I decided to have a bite myself. I was surprised how soft and buttery the shortbread tasted. It wasn’t overpowered by the hundreds and thousands topping and it didn’t disappoint me in my love of shortbread.

As I loaded the boxes and the girls into the car, the Forman at the building site next door came to see what was in the boxes. I gave him and the other builders some cookies in exchange for a few dollars to donate to cancer research. They were demolished in seconds. It seems these cookies appeal not just to children.

I arrived at the coffee morning and gave some of the cookies to my friends and fellow bloggers. Everyone seemed as impressed by the presentation and taste of the cookies as I was.


Since then I’ve distributed cookies to mums and children in the girls’ ballet class and other friends. My girls, my husband and I have also eaten our fair share of them!

I think these themed shortbread cookies are a winner.

  • They appeal to adults and children.
  • Most people like shortbread.
  • They are a convenient and fun idea for party bags.
  • They aren’t too messy or ‘meltable’ and they come in their own individual plastic wrapping so if they aren’t eaten all at once can easily be saved for later.
  • They last for a few weeks.
  • They are reasonably priced at $30 for a dozen which works out $2.50 each.
  • Most importantly THEY LOOK AND TASTE AMAZING!

Cara is originally from Victoria but relocated to the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney in 2015. She bakes from home (with full approval from Randwick City council) and is a registered and insured business. With a vast array of cookie cutters she can provide cookies to suit most themes. Unfortunately she is unable to send cookies by post.


You can contact Cara the following ways


Tel:                      0418 327 567







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