A is for amazement at what your body has done

Creating and baking such a beautiful bun

Whether Bottle or Breast, feeding your baby

Offers precious moments to share, to rush would be crazy.

C is for crying tears, both theirs and your own

This mum gig is tough and at times you will moan.

A Dummy is something you may choose to use

They have magical powers to help babies to soothe.

The Ergo 360 is the modern day sling

Providing comfort and freedom only a carrier can bring.

F is for Fun, there is to be so much ahead

Cuddles and giggles in your once slept in bed.

G is for Grown-up, it’s what you’ve become

With a baby to care for, now you’re a mum.

H is for highchair, an essential item to own-

No matter how fancy, food will always be thrown.

Some days you’ll feel Isolated, with no adult talk

Be sure to call up a friend or get out for a walk.

The Journey, of which you are about to embark upon,

Is magical, life changing, one you’ll never look back from.

Watching them growing and changing each day

Protective, neurotic your hair may turn grey!

Try as much as possible to Kip when you can

‘Sleep like a baby’ is a phrase they should ban.

Breastfeeding nipples can crack -you may scream

Wack on some Lansinoh, it’s a great nipple cream!

For new mums it’s daunting, have support close at hand

Join a Mothers group of mums who will understand.

When you first have a Newborn, 2 things you will need –

Nappies and Napisan will be gone through at speed!

The Nappies fill often, and regularly leak

Napisan – your saviour, gets clothes clean as a squeak.

O is for overwhelming, there seems so much to learn,

Trust your instinct to guide you if you do feel concern.

Like highchairs a Pram, so vital yet confusing

So many models it makes it tough choosing.

Q is for questions, you may find you have lots

From highchairs and car seats to prams, clothes and cots.

When your baby is crying or just won’t go to sleep

Try Rocking them gently, soon you won’t hear a peep.

Whilst S is for Sudocrem and Sleep deprivation

It’s also for Smiles from your special creation,

Making you weak at the knees and melting your heart

Until someone suggests it was only a fart!

T is for Tupperware it’s the best toy around

For babies and toddlers, no better one found.

You’ll Unpack your change bag ten times a day

Be ready to deal with whatever’s thrown your way.

Vaccinating babies is a choice you must make

They cry a little, yet it’s you who may shake.

Wearing clean clothes is a thing of the past

As your bubs body fluids fly thick and fast

Restaurant or café at the shops in the car

Have Wipes close at hand – they don’t care where they are.

X lies in eXhausted which is how you may feel

After reading this poem and it all got quite real.

The You You once knew has suddenly changed

A family you are now your life’s rearranged.

Zzzzz’s are something from a life you once knew

Like lie-ins and nights out and partying the night through.

The night through you now know, may not be wild the same way

Yet these babies we made need our LOVE every day!




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