My Child

I carried you for 9 whole months, anxious full of hope.

When I felt you move around inside, my excitement hard to cope.

Upon meeting you my heart did burst, such a joy to see.

You made me cry a happy song, the world you mean to me.

Those first few months I held you close, you nursed and cried and slept.

My love for you so deep and strong, a secret I had kept.

I want to keep you safe from harm, forever and a day.

I know I need to let you grow without me getting in your way.

As you grow older and need me less it will not change for me,

Just how much I’ll always care – for you I’ll always be.

I hope one day when you have flown, the nest in which you grew

You always think of me with love, a friendship strong and true .

My child I’ll always love you so, for all the years to come

No matter what you say or do, I’ll always be your mum!

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