My Very Lovely Mum

How can I explain to you, just how great you are?
You’ve always been a friend to me, no matter near or far.
My lovely mum you brought me up, to say my ps and qs.
I hope I make you proud of me, no other mum I’d choose.
Will you ever truly know, how much you mean to me?
The special bond between us, so clear for all to see.
Throughout my childhood years, you listened to my woes
Even though my mischief often kept you on your toes.
I need for you to know, how much I love you mum.
You’ve always made the time, to listen when I’m glum.
Such loyalty you show me, when someone lets me down.
Your ranting makes me laugh so much, you really go to town.
“I never liked them anyway”
You suddenly say to me
“They don’t deserve your time or love”
Devoted as can be!
Whilst I am older now, you may think I need you less
You’re still the one I turn to if I’m in an awful mess.
I know that you won’t judge me, for anything I say
You listen and are there for me, whatever time of day.
Thank you my lovely mum, for all the years you’ve cared.
So much special time together, such memories we’ve shared.
Here’s to many more of them, for lots of years to come
I love you oh so very much, my very lovely mum!

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