We never got to say goodbye,

For that I’ll always cry.

Here one day, gone the next

I never thought you’d die.

You never got to walk with me,

Down the aisle of marriage.

You didn’t meet your son in law

Or ride in the wedding carriage.

I never got to say to you

Quite why I loved you Dad.

You made me laugh with silliness

Even though you drove me mad.

You never got to see me now

A mother and a wife.

I know you’d be so happy

If you could see my precious life.

Whilst you will never breathe again,

Your heart in me lives on.

A part of me you’ll always be,

Never truly gone.

6 thoughts on “Gone

    • thanks so much Nan. I still feel like his sprit is with me all the time…us girls all have a little bit of his stubbornness and fiestyness!


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