How to choose the perfect double pram

When I was due with my second child, with only an 18 month gap between my two girls, I made the decision that I would definitely be requiring a double pram. A keen walker and without a car,  I was aware and ever hopeful this would be our main mode of transportation.

As the time approached for me to choose one, I started to research what my options were. I felt overwhelmed with the number of different varieties available. There are long ones, wide ones, on top of each other ones, backwards facing ones, forward facing ones, both ways facing ones and that’s just the ones I discovered.

Feeling bamboozled I consulted my usual oracle, the three Facebook Mum’s Pages of which I’m a devoted member.  Quite frankly I would be lost without them.

The question:

‘Which double pram is best suited for 2 under 2. Must be lightweight, fit everywhere and good for lots of walking?’

As usual I received lots of helpful and detailed comments offering wise words of advice based on other Mums’ personal user experience. As the comments were coming in thick and fast, I was feeling relieved to have some help making this decision and eternally grateful to all the busy Mums taking the time to write down their opinions. Who better to tell you which pram is the best than the Mums who are actually using them on a daily basis?

Feeling relieved, I was armed and ready to make my ‘very informed’ decision. I started reading all the comments, again and again. It soon became apparent that I was totally and utterly confused, even more so than before.

‘How do I determine which person’s feedback to use?’

Should I go with the pram the majority have mentioned or is this just pot luck that more people with that particular pram happened to have seen my post and therefore replied? You can perhaps understand the predicament I was in.

It appeared that most of the prams mentioned had good and bad points. Some were slightly wider, some heavier, some reclined less, some only faced forward, some were longer etc. Everyone seemed to love the pram they had chosen, it was all so subjective.

Eventually after weeks of procrastination I decided to stick to the same brand I had used and been so happy with when I was a ‘Mum of one’;  The Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double.

When it arrived I was slightly scared of it. It seemed huge, so much heavier than my single pram which sat next to it, suddenly looking rather sad and pathetic.

When the baby arrived it was time to get this brand spanking new ‘Royale Deluxe’ pram out of the garage and put it to the test. It didn’t take long before I had the hang of it and was back to pounding the streets of Sydney’s Eastern suburbs, enjoying (most of the time) being out and about with my two girls.

The one thing I hadn’t attempted was getting on buses and going shopping. I kept looking at the pram and despite all the assurances by the other Mums that it would fit everywhere, I still couldn’t imagine how my new ‘wide load’ was actually going to squeeze through.

One day I decided to take the plunge, taking it for a test drive into the city on the bus. Of course, I should have never doubted my oracle,  it fitted pretty much everywhere I went. The odd shopping aisle I have been forced to concede is just too slim for us. Sometimes I’ve had to admit absolute defeat, reversing out of tricky spots with a two, three or even four point turn to back out of a dead end. However, on the whole I’m able to get to and fit in most places.

From my Facebook Mums’ comments and friends I’ve chatted to who opted for a different double pram to me,  it would seem that most double prams can get in and out of most places. So these pram manufacturers do know what they are doing after all!

When it comes to choosing the perfect double pram, we can pethaps take for granted that it will be relatively lightweight, easy to manoeuvre, fit in most public spaces and provide suitable comfort for the kids and shade from the sun.

One year later I can confirm that, on the whole, my decision to get a double pram was a good one. However, there have been plenty of occasions when I have questioned my decision. I often find myself struggling, pushing an empty double pram with one child strapped to my front in the carrier and the other one climbing on every conceivable and precarious ledge, or lying down in the middle of the pavement in protest.

Much more fun to walk on the wall
Much more fun to walk on the wall

Given that these pram manufacturers do seem to know what they are doing, perhaps the only questions left to ask are actually as follows:

How effective is it as a Packhorse?

How much can you fit under it?

How much can you hang on it?

How much can you drape over it?

And when both children refuse point blank to go in it, will you be able to fit in everything else you were carrying, and still push it whilst you have a baby attached to your front and another toddler straggling behind?

A pram for a pram
A pram for a pram

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